31 Days of German Riesling

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This July to celebrate “The 31 days of German Riesling” we have put together a list showcasing the entire range of Pradikatswein, or six categories of sweetness. With a variety of world class producers, our taste ladder starts with the drier style, “Kabinett” and rises all the way up to the sweetest style “Trockenbeerenauslese”

Are you ready to start from the bottom and climb the ladder?

Available at 28°-50° restaurants from 1st July – 31st July.

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At 28°-50 °restaurants we love to share our passion for matching great food and wine. We run an exciting programme of wine tastings, workshops and themed wine dinner throughout the year.


Wine Tasting Events 2017


We have an exciting line up of wine tasting packages for 2017. Our wine tasting events are ideal for office parties, entertaining clients or for a get together with friends. Our wine tasting packages can be tailored to suit your needs to enable us to deliver events that your guests will remember. A list of our wine tasting packages for groups of 1-10 guests follows:

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